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Day Twelve!!!! A Beach town in Northern France!!!

What a wonderful day I had today! I started they day off really really early... at 7am to be exact.  HFT and I took a two our drive to the northern part of France.  We went to two neighboring beach towns Deauville and Trouville.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm.  I ate the most delicious croissant for breakfast then we walked the beach of Trouville then crossed a little bridge into the town of Deauville. We had lunch in Deauville at La Romantica Cafe and then decided to take a nap on the beach but unfortunately the bugs prevented that from happening.  So we moved to the concrete for our nap and we would have looked like two homeless people but fortunately there were three other American girls also trying to sleep on the concrete because of the bugs so we didn't look so crazy. Needless to say the concrete was not very comfortable so we decided to head back to Paris.

Day Eleven!!!!! A home cooked meal!!!!

So today I started my activities of the day with Lunch with HFT. I had a Croque Madame which is a slice of bread with ham, melted cheese and and an egg on top... so delicious!!! Afterwards we went for a walk along a street that is all pet shops.  I got to see a bunch of little puppies and it made me miss my Fat Joe!!! Afterwards I went back to the Jardin du Palais Royal to work on the book.  I revised some of what I had written the day before.  I was very shocked how once again it came pretty easy for me to write.  At night I had a wonderful home cooked meal.  I have eaten out every single night that I have been here for the last 11 days.  HFT offered to make me dinner.  It was so delicious... This is the first time that I have ever had dinner cooked for me by a guy.  It was very sweet!!!! =) <3


Day Ten!!!!! I started writing the book!!!!

So today was the day!!!! I started working on the book. I went to the Jardin du Palais Royal and spent a little over an hour there writing.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the best thing about not speaking the language is that I can completely ignore the people talking around me because I have no idea what they are saying. The first chapter came surprisingly easy for me. Although I did not write for very long time.  It was a start... I was a little distracted because I had a really bad head ache so once I could not write anymore I went for a walk around the area of the Palais Royal. Later on at night I had Planet Sushi with my HFT.  It was a nice relaxing day.


Day Nine!!!! Wakeboarding in La River Seine!!!

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be wakeboarding in Paris in La Seine river!  It was a beautiful sunny warm day so HFT invited me to go wake boarding with his friends.  What a fun experience.  We went to brunch first and I had the most delicious strawberries that I have ever eaten then we drove just outside of the center of Paris to the Pontoon boat that is also a house boat.  On the boat there were a bunch of people just hanging out drinking and eating. Once I picked out a wakeboard and a body suite, we got on the little boat that was docked onto the Pontoon boat. WOW! So different from wakeboarding in Miami Beach.  The water was absolutely freezing. It was about 60 degrees... for me it was so incredibly cold.  I had an amazing time. Memories for a lifetime. After the excitement of wake boarding we were starving so we went to L'entrecote .... A very popular restaurant when we arrived it was very early so we were seated right away but when we were leaving the line to get a table crossed the street!!!!  The night came to an end with the movie the Proposal.  It was really cute.  What a great day! =)


Day Eight!!!!!! A Small French Village and a Wedding!!!!!

I had an incredible day today... An experience that will last a life time.  My day started out simple and sweet and then I was invited to a wedding by my Handsome French teacher... I will from this point forward refer to him as HFT.  It was a very different wedding than one I have ever been to.  It was a Muslim wedding in a small little village in the north of Paris.  This picture was taken in the village of Boissettes on our way to the wedding.  I know the reaction of most to hearing that I went to a Muslim wedding will be shock and maybe a little bothered.. but I learned a lesson today that i feel is important to share.  I met a beautiful Muslim family and was welcomed in their home for a very important celebration... the marriage of their son.  I really had no idea what to expect when I arrived. There were men and woman in traditional Muslim attire and those dressed in what I consider normal wedding attire. When we first arrived we spent time speaking to the groom and his family. Unfortunately when the ceremony commenced it was in french and I could not understand but I had my HFT there to translate.  The message was beautiful... It was one of love, family, peace.. There was no hatred, no anger, no violence.  The Imam, the Spiritual leader, spoke about the unfortunate misconception of the Muslim religion and how the violent actions of many have tainted the perception of the religion.  He was so happy that the wedding was of a mixed crown both Muslim and those of other religions and cultures.  He was happy to give the message of Love and Peace... The real message of the Muslim Religion. At the end of the night the father of the groom walked us out.  He told HFT that he was so happy that I, an American Citizen, was at his son's wedding. He said that he was happy to know that I was able to see what the Muslim religion really represents and that he hoped that I could share it with my family and friends at home.


Day Seven!!!! A French Friday!!!

I have been having some technical difficulties with my computer and it has delayed me from posting and skyping with my family.  This is not good at all!!! =( I miss the babies... oh and of course my sisters and parents. So today i spent some more time resolving my apartment situation. I also spent some time walking, having a cafe and a delicious salmon salad for lunch at once again a random place I stumbled on.  I actually had no idea it was a salmon salad when I ordered and it turned out to be yummy.  In the afternoon I had a wonderful French Friday Date Night planned for me by my Handsome French teacher.  We had thai massages... my fist time...sooo relaxing.  Afterwards we went to this adorable tiny little restaurant where we ate authentic crepes with ham, egg and cheese and apple cider to drink. We proceeded to the movie theater, how exciting a french movie theater! We saw The Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was in english subtitled in French.  It was a great movie and it was to my relief that it was in English.  I thought I was going to sit through an hour and half movie in French not having any clue as to what was being said. TG! =) At the end of the night, we spent some time to work on my french.  I learned to count to 10 and also can almost count completely to 100.  There are a few number in between that I can't remember. It was the best date I have ever been on! ;) <3


Day Six!!!! I might have an apartment!!!!

So today I went to see two apartments.  Lets say that the first appoint was an absolute disaster and leave at that. The guy was creepy and the apartment had a stench that words alone can not describe.  After this appointment I meet up with my handsome french teacher and spent several  hours looking for apartments online and by phone... this is how I landed my second appointment. This appointment was a success and I have nicknamed the already nicknamed french teacher as Hero.  It looks like this apartment is mine. I will know for sure Monday hopefully. Afterwards we went to the Jardin de Tuileries and sat by the pond and enjoyed the cool breeze and the rantings of a crazy french woman.  It was at this moment that I saw something that brought tears to my eyes... the eiffel tower twinkles!!!!!!! It was breath taking and I felt like a little girl.  So then the Hero and I went for a little walk to get something to eat.  Before finding a restaurant we stopped and bought a Eclair au Chocolat for dessert. With the Eclair in hand we continued to walk and stopped at a cute little restaurant where I tried foie gras for the first time....YUMMY!!! That's all I have to say. So my Hero drove me home in his mini copper and I ate my delicious eclair for desert... once again YUMMY...oh by the way and so was the kiss! ;) <3 


Day Five!!!!! Still no apartment!!!

Never ending days of apartment hunting... this is my life right now!!! I can not believe how difficult it is to find an apartment here in Paris.  I once again spent several hours responding to dozens of ads.  I was finally able to land an appointment to see an apartment at 7:45pm.  So I decided to venture out earlier in the day to the area of where the apartment is located just to feel it out.  Lets just say I went on another walking adventure... I decided to map quest directions and of course I didn't realize that it gave me driving direction instead of walking directions.  When i got out of the metro it took me on a 20 minute walk around the entire neighborhood in a full circle right back to the street right before the metro station... which is the street the apartment is located. Needless to say I finally found the building and really liked the location...keeping my fingers crossed that i get it! Afterwards I decided to go to the Jardin de Tuileries. I spent over two hours there just sitting on a bench enjoying the cool weather, people watching and just taking it all in. I stopped at a cute little cafe and had a coffee and a delicious sandwich... I have absolutely no idea what was in the sandwich but it was very yummy anyway. I ended up meeting up with Jude Law to go to my appointment.  Thank god he came with me.  There were four other people there at the exact same time to look at the apartment and of course everyone was speaking french.  We all had to stand in line outside the door waiting as each person toured the apartment.  In the end there were only two people left who were interested in the apartment...Me and a young french guy.  We both filled out some paper work and the landlord said he would get back to us with his decision.  I'm reaaaaalllly hoping he picks me... like I said keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen!!!! Afterwards I met up with a friend who I meet in Miami a few weeks ago while he was visiting from Paris.  We had delicious sushi and then we walked along the River Seine and crossed the Pont de Artes.  It was very nice and romantic! ;) <3


Day Four!!!! Apartment hunting!

Today I spent literally the entire day on the computer looking for an apartment. I ventured out twice for food and to purchase a charger for my camera.  I went to the french version of best buy and spent 39 Euros on a camera charger!!!!! I was so hungry by the time I went to eat that I stopped at the first place that I saw and ordered the only thing I recognized on the Menu... A cheeseburger. At night I decided to go to the St Germain area for dinner and then went for a walk and got terribly lost.  It took me over an hour to find my way back to the apartment.  It was a beautiful walk though... Paris is so lively and scenic at night... I didn't mind getting lost at all!


Day Three!!!! It's real!!!!

So today once again I slept until noon.  I need to get my body back on track...I'm waisting my days sleeping!  Also I'm waisting my days on the computer apartment hunting.... I need to find a place already!!!!  So anyway once i ventured out today, I encountered a few challenges.  First my metro card decided to not  work. Then my cellphone decided to stop working.  This proved to be a major problem given that I was supposed to meet up with Jude Law to give hime some papers that he left at home. The cellphone stopped working on my way to meet him so I had no way to contact him. Thank god i decided to write his number down in my little notebook that I carry with me so I asked a random person if I could use their phone to call him. Once I found him, we ate lunch with his co-worker then we walked around the area.  I went to the French version of the DMV with him then we went to dinner at his sister house.  I got spend time with a typical Parisian family.  His little niece and nephew are adorable and they made me miss my niece and nephew like crazy! Afterwards, i went to a bar with Jude Law.  It was a long and exhausting day!!!


Day Two!!!! It still hasn't hit me that I am here!!!!

Wait a second... Am I in Paris?!? OMG.... THAT'S THE EIFFEL TOWER.... Soooo I am really in Paris!

Today I over slept in the morning and spent several hours on the computer trying to find an apartment!  Then I decided to take a little walk...That turned into a 4 hour walk! I visited the eiffel tower but just from the outside.  I will go again another day and actually go up but today I just wanted to take it all in without being rushed or having to stand in line.  Afterwards, I continued my walk and happened upon an outdoor photo gallery at the Musee de quai Branly.  It featured work from photographers from all around the world.  It was spectacular.  I ended my evening eating what is the equivalent to Burger King in Paris... definitely not the best meal I have had so far but I was exhausted and just wanted to get to bed.


Day One!!!! OMG! I'm actually here!!!

Wow! I know that this post is a day behind but I had an action packed day and passed out when I got home!!!

Well, upon arrival to the beautiful city of Paris I took a taxi to my friends apartment.  From there, we went straight to a telephone carrier and got a new cellphone!!!! Yay!  I have a french phone number now! =) After, went to eat lunch...a medium rare steak with frittes or french fries.  We also went to a metro station and registered for a pass so that I can fill it up on a monthly basis and don't have to use the little tickets... Then went to a techno parade and I saw David Guetta on a huge giant float... oh and apparently some famous french politician too.  Met my personal tour guide's best friend.  By the way,  my personal tour guide this weekend looks like Jude Law! =) We walked to Notre Dame upon my father's request. Then meet up with two more of Jude Law's friends and we all went to dinner... They walked me through an American part of town.. LOL... They had an american grocery store with a box of Cheerios and other random American Items on the front window. We ended the night at a scottish pub where everyone spoke English but with different accents from around the world.  We got back to the apartment at 10:30pm... We were out on the streets walking around for 9 hours!!!!!!! I had an amazing first day!


Bon Voyage!

I'm off...to Paris, that is.

Stay tuned...