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Day Fortyfour!!!! A Beer at La Grande Place and Walking the Streets of Brussels!!!

Today HFT and I went walking around Brussels.  I love all the illustrations on the walls of the buildings.  This was my favorite one! We stopped at La Grande Place which is beautiful and had a yummy Belgium beer!  It started to rain so we went back to the hotel to wait for a taxi to take us to get the train.  I slept like a baby for the short trip.  We arrived in Paris in the late afternoon on Sunday.  We went on a mission driving around trying to find a pharmacy that was open because I need pimple medicine... Apparently eating way too much chocolate and waffles causes pimples! Lol!  We ate sushi for dinner and watched The Devil wears Prada... What a great movie!! =)

Day Fortythree!!! Soo much Chocolate and Waffles!!!! Oh and visitng the Manneken Pis!!

So today HFT and i had an early start!  I can tell you this... I was in absolute heaven.  The smell of waffles and chocolate around every corner was like paradise.  I, of course, ate a delicious waffle with whip cream and hot chocolate sauce.  It was all I had dreamed it to be and more!!!  Afterwards we went to see the Manneken Pis... He's such a cute little guy!  And then we stopped at a chocolate shop and I picked out an assortment of chocolates to eat later. =) At night we ate at delicious restaurant and then we went to dance off all the chocolates and waffle at a night club. Sooo much fun!!!

Day Fortytwo!!! Arriving in Belgium!!!

Well... this morning we over slept and missed our train to Brussels, Belgium!!!!  We ended up having to take a much later train and we did not arrive in Brussels until 3:45pm!!  It is a short ride only 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once we got there we headed out to the streets.  Brussels is a very beautiful city.  At night we had dinner in a very fun and touristy area.   I ate delicious cheese, garlic and butter mussels! The streets were packed and it seemed as if everyone had already had two or three too many beers by 10pm. =) After dinner we went to a nearby bar that had a DJ and everyone was dancing.  I experienced something that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would experience... in the middle of Brussels, Belgium I was dancing to SALSA!!!! Omg and everyone around me was dancing and loving the salsa music as well.  It was hilarious and awesome.  We didn't stay out to late because I had a headache and we wanted to wake up early the next day.  Fun times in Belgium!!!


Day Fortyone!!! Mexican Food and Packing for Belgium!!!

Today I was supposed to go for a run again today but I was lazy.  Instead I met up with HFT for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  I had tacos and a Corona..Yummy!  Afterwards we had coffee near Centre Pompidou.  I was sleepy so I had a double as you can see in the picture!  =) At night HFT made me a delicious steak and he booked a weekend for us in Belgium!!  So I had to pack for another Holiday!! =)

Day Forty!!!! Shopping, Jardin des Champs-Elysees, and Yummy Pasta!!!

Today I went to the H&M in Champs-Elysees and bought a cute pair of grey wool tights!  Afterwards I met up with HFT at the Jardin des Champs-Elysees.  We sat by la fontaine du cirque suite and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  At night I went back to the Italian restaurant from the night before and ordered the same pasta.  It was delicious!  =)


Day Thirtynine!!! Once again a run in the Jardin des Tuileries and a Delicious Crepe!!!!

Yay!  I went for a run in the Jardin des Tuileries again!  Afterwards I went to eat lunch at this adorable Crepe restaurant.  My ham, cheese, and egg crepe was absolutely delicious!!  I was full and happy.  HFT and I just hung out in the afternoon.  At night I had a great meal at this Italian restaurant.  Sausage, mushroom and ricotta cheese ravioli!!! Sooo good! The thing is I have been here over a month and I have been eating like I'm on vacation everyday.  Thankfully I have not gained any weight yet but the problem is I still have two more months to go.... I have considered having some self control but I've decided just to enjoy life and... As in the words of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love... "I'll just have to buy a bigger pair of jeans" =)


Day Thirtyeight!!! Lunch in Montparnesse and a walk in Champs Elysees!!!

Awe... the weather was beautiful today!  Not too cold and nice and sunny!  HFT and I had lunch at a really cute restaurant in the Montparnesse area.  I had steak with frites... delicious!  Afterwards we went walking at Champs Elysees.  Christmas decorations are already making there way to the storefront windows and they are starting to put up lights on the trees!!!! I can not wait for Paris to be in full Christmas decoration mode.  I've heard its magical!!! =) <3

Day Thirtyseven! The Rugby Worldcup between France and New Zealand!!

What an exciting morning!!!  It was the Rugby Worldcup between France and New Zealand!!!  We made it out to a pub at 10 am to watch the game.  The place was jam packed...standing room only.  Of course for my little shortyness that meant that I had to stand on my tippy toes, strain my neck and I sill could only see part of the screen.  It was fun and a great experience even though France lost.  I was pretty tired so I skipped dinner.  Another great week full of memories for a lifetime!


Day Thirtysix!!!! An English lesson at Jardin du Luxembourg!

Today I spent the afternoon with my Parisian friend who is learning English. We met in the St. Germain des Pres area.  We walked through some shops there and then walked to the Jardin du Luxembourg.  We sat in the gardens for an hour speaking in English.  I was very impressed by how much her English had improved from the last time.  Afterwards, we went to get a coffee at a near by cafe.  It was a very lovely day!  At night HFT found a restaurant for me that had Chicken Pad Thai.  One of my favorite dishes back home and not a very common dish here in Paris.  It was delicious but not as good as Kampai! =)

Day Thirtyfive!!! Dinner cruise in La Seine River!!!

Today I went to the salon.  I got one of the worst haircuts of my life and the girl did an awful job with the highlights as well!!!! I was not very happy about it all but HFT made it up to me by taking me on a Seine river dinner cruise.  It was our one month anniversary! Lol!  So he took me out for a beautiful evening in Paris.  The food and view was great.  I once again saw the Eiffel tower twinkle so beautifully!! A magnificent Friday evening! =) <3

Day Thirtyfour!!! Bruno Mars Concert with my Miamian!!!!

Yes...I am a huge Bruno Mars fan... Yes, I know the average age of his fans is like 15 years old... Yes, I was one of the oldest girls at the concert besides the Mom's with their 11 year old daughters... But I do not care!!! I LOVE BRUNO MARS!!!!  The concert was amazing.  He is a great live performer and he is adorably cute and tiny... just like me!!! I went with my Miamian friend and two of her friends from Brazil on holiday in Paris. We had a great time.  Afterwards, we went to the Bastille area and ate delicious crepes.  I was starving and ate both a salty and sweet crepe.  What an amazing evening!!!!!


Day Thritythree!!! Centre Pompidou and Lunch in Hotle de Ville Area!!

Today I once again went for a nice run in the Jardin des Tuileres.  It was cold yet sunny today!  Thank God! Afterwards, I went to the area of Hotel de Ville with HFT.  We had a nice lunch and then walked over to the Centre Pompidou for coffee.  The weather was very nice compared to the previous two rainy days.  I really enjoy walking in this area.  It is always so busy and lively.  There was a man doing a great puppet act that was very cute and funny.  Overall, another lovely day in Paris!!!

Day Thirtytwo!!! Running in the Jardin des Tuileries!!!!

So today I decided to go for a run again in the Jardin des Tuileries!  The morning was very cold and sunny.  Pictured above is the beautiful flower shop outside the building i live in.  As you can see it looks sunny and nice... However, that changed in the afternoon!!! Unfortunately, it drizzled nonstop and although I do love the rain, its not as much fun when it's 40 degrees outside.  So once again a rather uneventful afternoon in Paris!

Day Thirtyone!! Hanging Around the Apartment in Paris!!!

Today was a nice and relaxing day!  I really did not do much of anything.  It was cold and rainy so I decided not to venture out much.  I went to the grocery store in the afternoon for a little bit but that was the extent of my adventures.  It literally drizzled all day and the temperature never reached past 50 degrees.  So I spent most of my time sleeping and sometime writing the book.  I was also a little homesick so of course I spent sometime crying a little bit too! =( =)   I got it all out of my system and felt much better afterwards!

Day Thirty!!!! Hanging out with a Miamian!!!!

I spent the day today with a fellow Miamian.  She is also here in Paris for an extended stay.  It was so nice to hear the accent and expressions that I miss so much from Miami.  We went to the St Germain De Pres area.  We passed in front of the old church right by the metro and outside the church there was a Peruvian festival pictured above.  We had a drink at the famous Cafe de Flore.  Then we made our way back to the neighborhood that we are both staying at.  We had dinner and then afterwards a beer and a nearby bar.  I have a new friend in Paris!! How exciting!!=)


Day Twentynine!!! Running in the Jardin des Tuileries!!!

 I cannot believe that exactly 4 Saturdays ago I landed in Paris!!!  Time goes by so quickly!!!!  Today I went running in the Jardin des Tuileries for the first time.  I had promised myself that I would run at the least three or four times a week... well that has not happened!  But today I started running again and I promise myself that I will keep it up!!! I ran for only 3 miles/4.5 kilometers.  I should have tried to run a little more but it was really cold outside...like 50 degrees!!!  I was so exhausted afterwards that I took an hour nap.  At night HFT and I went to eat at this beautiful restaurant Kong.  It was delicious.  Afterwards we picked up a movie and a bottle of wine.  We saw Due Date.  It was hilarious and adorable at the same time.  I loved it!!!


Day Twentyeight!!! Chateau de Versailles and an American Dinner!!!!!

Today I spent the day at Chateau de Versialles.  It was beautiful.  What an incredible palace.  It's crazy to think that people, the king and queen, actually lived there.  I loved the gardens.  They are amazing and huge.  I actually did not walk all of it because it's so big and it was getting late in the day.  When I made it back home, I was exhausted.  I have been feeling homesick the last few days so HFT took me to eat at an American Diner here in Paris.  I had a cheeseburger and strawberry milkshake.  There was a big American flag on the wall and the place mates had the pictures of all the US presidents.  The waiters spoke to us in English.  I felt like I was home for the 45 minutes we were there but then I walked outside and it was freezing cold and everyone was speaking French... definitely not Miami.

Day Twentyseven! Yummy Food and a Bad Movie!!!!

Today I ate three delicious meals!!!!  First for breakfast I had a cheese and onion omelet that was yummy!!!!  I was so incredibly hungry which could be the reason the omelet tasted so good.  For lunch I had pizza with ham, mushrooms and an egg on top!!!! Sooooo good!!!!  And then for dinner I had foie gras and magret de canard (duck) at the restaurant pictured above.  The restaurant is called the the three little pigs in French.  It was so delicious!!!!! Afterwards, HFT and I went to the movies.  We saw one of the worst movies that I have seen in a long time.  It's called Abduction.  Do not waste your money!!!


Day Twentysix!!!!! The Lourve!!!!

Today in the morning I had breakfast with HFT.  We went to a place that served typical French scrambled eggs.  They were a little too watery for my taste but the croissant was delicious of course. Later in the morning I decided to spend some time at the Lourve!  What an incredible place.  I will have to go back again because I was only able to do the Italian and the Egyptian section. The museum is huge and it's almost impossible to see the entire place in one day.  The Egyptian section was great. I stood in the chapel of the tomb of Akhethetep, the Mastaba dating back to 2400 b.c.  I stared at the hieroglyphics in awe.  I couldn't believe that I was in front of something so old.  Words can not describe how I felt.  And oh yes I saw her... The Mona Lisa.  Wow...So beautiful. I pushed myself forward in the crowd and stood directly in front of the painting.  It took my breath away.


Day Twentyfive!!! Thai Massage and Sushi!!!!

This morning I spent some time working on the book.  I went to a near by cafe had lunch and typed.  I kind of felt like a crazy person because I was sitting there by myself typing and laughing at the same time.  Afterwards, HFT scheduled some spa time for me.  It was amazing!!!   I first went to the Hammam (steam room), then had an exfoliating body scrub and the experience ended with a hot oil Thai massage.  I left there feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Of course, this prompted me to take a nice 45 minute nap. =) At night, we ate sushi, had a glass of wine and watched Bucket List.  I had never seen that movie... Wow what a tear jerker but a great movie nonetheless.

Day Twentyfour!!! Shopping and the Opera house!!!

Back in Paris!!!  Today I went with HFT to  buy some lamps and a coffee machine for his apartment. Afterwards, I walked around the area of the Opera house. I went back to the apartment and spent some time writing but I had a really bad head ache and did not get a lot done.  At night, HFT cooked dinner for me and I went to bed very early.  A much needed quiet and relaxing day after our action packed holiday in London! =)

Day Twentythree!!!! Leaving London!!!

Heading back to Paris today!!!!  The train ride home was smooth and fast! Thank god no delay!!!  When I arrived back to the apartment I slept for like 2 hours.  I was so exhausted. At night we ate sushi and I went to bed early.  A rather uneventful day.


Day Twentytwo!!! It's Monument day!!!!!

 We started off our day with a traditional English breakfast with baked beans, sausage, eggs and pudding... Yummy! Afterwards, we had a crazy busy day we went to Big Ben, Parliament, London Eye, Thames River, Westminster bridge, Abbey of West minister, and Buckingham Palace.  We were not able to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace but we saw it at the Royal Courts of Justice.  We spent like an hour by the Big Ben trying to capture the picture above as well as my weekly Post-it note picture for week 3! =) It was a great day!!! We went back to Covent Garden in the afternoon to do some shopping.  At night we saw the musical The Jersey Boys.  It was fantastic!!!!  The singing was amazing and the story was great.  Afterwards we went to China town and we had soup dumplings for dinner! =)

Day Twentyone!!! Camden town and Thriller Live!!!!

Exhaustion from the crazy day before caused us to wake up a little late.  We had wanted to go have a nice English breakfast somewhere but we had to settle on grabbing a quick croissant in Sloane Square, Chelsea.  Afterwards we went to Camden town.  We went to the Camden market.  I was so excited because we stumbled upon the vintage corner of the market and I was able to find a beautiful vintage poster that I can't wait to put up in my apartment. =)  Afterwards we went to Covent Garden and watched the street performers. At night we went to see the show Thriller Live.  It was good but not great.  The dancers just didn't have Michael Jackson's moves.  Then after the movie we did something a little crazy... We went to eat at the same restaurant we ate at the night before and ordered the same exact plates.  I know a little ridiculous but we were starving, exhausted and the food was sooooo incredibly delicious!!!!

Day Twenty!!!! Off to London!!!!

Another early day today!!!!!  But well worth it because we were off to London!!!!! We had to be at the train station at 7:45am!!!  We literally made it two minutes before they closed the doors!!!!  This was my first time on Eurostar and well besides the 1hour and 17 minutes delay right outside of London it was a great experience!!! After checking in to the hotel our first stop was to eat lunch!!!!  We ate in Soho then we went to Piccadilly Circle, Oxford street, Regent Street and China town.  At night we went to Stomp.  What a great show!!! I really enjoyed it.  It was much better than I expected.  Afterwards, we ate at this amazing French restaurant.  It's actually the oldest French restaurant in London established in 1624.  We were so exhausted I have no idea how we even made it back to the hotel!!!!


Day Nineteen!!!! A Small Village and Sunny time in the South of France!!

So today we decided to take a drive to a nearby small village called Anduze.  The landscape was amazing.  The mountains were beautiful and rocky.  The picture above is a beautiful house we saw along the mountain and if you look closely you will see the sheep crossing in front of the house.  Once again I made HFT stop in the middle of the road so that I could get out to take a picture of the sheep. Apparently they find it amusing that I am so amazed by the sheep. We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun by the pool.  We had such a relaxing and beautiful time!  At night we headed back to Paris... Tomorrow off to London!!!!!!


Day Eigthteen!!! Sheep crossing in the South of France!!!

Today we started the day off really really early. Our train to the South of France to visit HFT's mom was at 7:20!!! So early!!!  She lives in a beautiful quaint village called Lezan about 800 kilometers from Paris.  The weather was significantly warmer there and the sun shines much brighter.  As we drove from the train station to the house, I saw this sign in the picture above. I made HFT stop in the middle of the road so that I could take a picture.  First time ever in my life that I have seen a sheep crossing sign!!!!! It was hilarious!!!  At night, his mom made dinner for us and we had champagne.  It was a wonderful day!


Day Seventeen!!! Pack Pack Pack!

I had a simple relaxing day today!!! I spent the day walking around... I had some items I had to purchase so i went to the store called Monoprix. I bought an iron, hangers, and orange juice. =) Afterwards I went back to the apartment and started packing two bags.  One for my trip to the South of France with HFT.  We leave early Tuesday morning and arrive back to Paris on Wednesday night.  The next bag I packed was for my trip to London with HFT.  We leave early Thursday morning and arrive back home on Sunday.  How exciting!!!! =) At night, HFT and I went to dinner at one of the oldest restaurants L' Escargot established in 1662.  The food was excellent! =)

Day Sixteen!!!!! An outdoor Market and Lunch with a Friend!!!!

Today I met up with my friend who is from France but I met her while she was living in MIami.  We went to an older area of Paris on the Rue Mouffetard. There was an outdoor market where they sold all kinds of things from cheese, to vegetables, flowers and jewelry.  I bought myself some flowers.  One of the many things I love so much about Paris are all the flower shops. Its so beautiful and romantic.  Afterwards, my friend and I walked around.  This is such a quaint and beautiful part of Paris.  There was a woman signing and older Parisian couples danced together on the sidewalk next to the market... So picturesque. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch and just hung out and chatted for like 2 hours.  Afterwards I made my way back home.  I cooked myself dinner and had an early night. =)


Day Fifteen!!!! A Day of Writing and Laundry!!!!

The weather was warm and beautiful today.  According to the weather channel the temperature will be dropping soon, so i decided to head back to Jardin du Tuileries to spend some time writing.  I was there for like three hours.  I took a little mini nap on a chair and of course worked on the book.  I think the Jardin du Tuileries might just be one of my favorite spots in Paris.  On my way back to the apartment, I stopped at a grocery store to buy laundry detergent.  I had two weeks worth of cloths to do.  The washing machine is a little tiny thing so I had to do several loads... Oh and by the way there is no dryer... so I had to hang the cloths and then turn the fan on high speed towards it. This made doing laundry a long and tedious process but it's all done!!!! At night, I cooked myself dinner and watched 40 days and 40 nights... a super old movie but it was really cute! =)


Day Fourteen!!! Badminton in the Jardin du Tuileries!!!

I tried a new sport today!!!! How exciting!!! I am now a Badminton expert!!! It was so much fun!!!! HFT and I went to the Jardin du Tuileries to do some exercise.  We played Badminton for about 40 minutes then I did 100 singles on the jump rope and some push ups.  HFT did a variety of other exercises as well.  It felt really great because I had not exercised since arriving in Paris.  At night we went to the movies and saw Horrible Bosses.  The title was completely mistranslated in French to How to Kill your boss.  I'm not sure how they got that title from Horrible Bosses?!? The movie was hilarious, though!  I could totally relate... I had felt like that so many times about my former boss! Afterwards we had some late night sushi. Good times! =)


Day Thirteen!!!! An English Lesson!!!

I had a nice and relaxing day today.  I had lunch with HFT and walked the streets of Paris.  This picture is at the Place des Victoires a beautiful area I stumbled upon while roaming the streets.  At night I met with a Parisian girl to help her with her English.  We sat a a cafe drank a Coke Light and talked.  She is actually taking English courses but needed help practicing so I met with her to help.  The best part of the night was a random couple came up to us and gave us free tickets to watch a Modern dance performance in the theater next door.  The couple that was supposed to join them had to cancel so they gave us the tickets.  The show was not that great but hey it was free! I ended the night having dinner with HFT.  Another great day in Paris! =)