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Day Seventythree!!! A Visit to Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie!!!

Trying to finish up all my sightseeing before I leave in two weeks!  Toady i went to Sainet Chapelle and was moved by the beautiful stain glass windows! Breathtaking!  It's a very small little chapel on the courtyard of the royal palace.  It's a definite must see if you are ever in Paris.  Next to the chapel is the Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette was held prisoner before she was beheaded.  It is a very cool little museum.  They also had an art exhibition there at the same time.  It was called the Betes off, The Animal as "Other".  It was really cool exhibit combining artistic expression and animals.  For example, there was a running video from the perspective of an owl on a street lamp.  It was a nice little surprise in the Conciergerie since I was not expecting there to be an art exhibit as well. At night I had dinner at this amazing pizza place with HFT. =)


Day Seventytwo!!! The Fontaine St Michel and the Place de Bastille

Today I went walking around in the St Michel area and the Bastille area.  Pictured above is the Fontaine St Michel.  It's this massive fountain on the side of a building with beautiful pink marble columns.  It is a spectacular sight.  I had duck magret for lunch in small brasserie in this are.  Afterwards, I went to the Place de Bastille. Another very beautiful and picturesque area.  At night I made myself some delicious pasta and watched the movie Crazy Stupid Love.  It's a super cute movie.  I would definitely recommend it! =)


Day Seventyone!!! It is Sooo Cold in Paris Right Now!!!

I am not really built for this cold weather! It's been like three weeks of it being in the 30/40's here and I am COLD!  It is very difficult to motivate myself to leave the apartment anytime before noon because it is freezing outside in the morning! I finally got my butt out of my place and headed to nespresso to buy coffee like around 1:30.  The picture above is a mural on the side of the building in front of the metro I take everyday.  Once again, one of the many reasons why I love Paris! After picking up coffee I went to the supermarket and then back home to sit in front of the heater for the rest of the night! Lol... maybe I'm being a little dramatic but I'm used to my warm Miami weather... Missing sunshine and shorts. ;)


Day Seventy!!! Walking around the 1st Arrondissement and an American Cheeseburger!!!

Today I spent sometime walking around the 1st arrondissement near the Louvre and the Palais Royal.  HFT had a meeting in this area so we walked together to his meeting and then I just wandered around by myself.  I came across this statue of Moliere pictured above on the side of a building.  It was huge and very impressive.   After HFT's meeting we went to have lunch/dinner.  I was beyond homesick today because of recent happy events happening back home so he took me to an American restaurant to have a delicious cheeseburger. He so knows the way to my heart... through food! Lol! ;)


Day Sixtynine!!! A Parisian Thanksgiving and the Offiicial Christmas Kickoff!!!

I had a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving here in Paris!  I missed my family immensely but I am very grateful to have such a wonderful boyfriend to have spent the day with.  I bought a beautiful new dress for my Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to buy new shoes but I could not find any that I liked that were within my budget.  We went to L'Arc a very beautiful restaurant. Our table had an amazing view of the Arc de triomph.  I had the most delicious mushroom soup as an appetizer and scallops and shrimp in a coconut cream sauce as the main course.  For dessert i had a chocolate molten cake.  It was like heaven in my mouth!!!  So incredibly amazing!  Afterwards we drove through the Champs Elysees to see the Christmas lights.  This is the first year that they changed the lights to a more modern look.  I personally did not like it to much and neither did HFT.  Afterwards we went to the Galeries LaFayette and Printemps.  The building are decorated with lights and each store front window has a different Christmas animation.  It's so beautiful and magical!! I love Christmas time!!

Day Sixtyeight!!! Wandering the City and Pizza Time!!!

Awe Paris and your random monuments on almost every street corner... how I love you!   I happened upon this enormous statue of George Washington in 16th arrondissement.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't discover something interesting and new in this city.  HFT had several big meetings today so I spent the day on my own wandering the city.  At night, he ordered me pizza from all places... Domino's Pizza.  It tasted exactly like it does back home... and that's not a positive statement nor a negative one because it hit the spot.  I really wanted pizza and it was the only place in the area that delivered.  ;)


Day Sixtyseven!! Lunch and a Portrait in Montmartre!!

Awee... I finally got to see Montmartre during the day!  So beautiful!  HFT and I had coffee at a lovely place outside.  We saw all the artist gathered in the square... I fell in love with the place.  I had my portrait drawn by this wonderful artist with his crazy long blond hair and teal blue corduroy pants.  I felt like I was in a movie.  We then ate lunch at this great Italian restaurants. One of the best pasta dishes I have ever had in my life!  Unfortunately neither HFT nor I felt good in the afternoon, so we did not do much of anything the rest of the day.

Day Sixtysix!!! A Fever and Throat Ache!!!

Ohhhh... what a miserable day for me.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and it lasted the entire day. I felt so bad that I could not move.  I was so very unhappy!  HFT took care of me.  He feed me croissants all day as per my request.  Being sick suck! =(

Day Sixtyfive!!! A Beautiful Breakfast at Le Meurice and a Dog Show!!

Wow!  What an amazing breakfast this morning.  We went to the hotel Le Meurice.  We were seated at our table and were immediately served a basket of pain au chocalts, croissants, other pastries and a variety of marmalades.  We had the choice between different freshly squeezed juices and a never ending flow of coffee!  I then ordered eggs with bacon and mushrooms and HFT ordered eggs with potatoes.  Wow, again!  It was sooo good!  I of course had to take a nap after that huge and delicious meal.  In the afternoon we went to a dog show... So many cute little furry guys.  It made me miss my Fat Joe!


Day Sixtyfour!!! Laundry, Cleanning and Writing!!!

Awe... What a nice, quiet and relaxing Saturday.  I spent some time writing and also spent some time doing laundry and cleaning.  It was really really cold and yucky today so spent most of my day indoors.  At night HFT and I went walking to pick up sushi for dinner and we watched the movie Rio!  I absolutely adore that movie!!! =)

Day Sixtythree!!! Lunch in Montparnasse and dinner at Montmarte!!!

Today I spent some time in the morning writing then I met with HFT in Montparnasse.  We had an amazing lunch at the 1900 restaurant.  We had froie gras as an appetizer and I had a delicious lamb that had been cooked for 7 hours as a main plate.  Later on, we had  a wonderful evening in Montmartre.  I had not been there so I was pleasantly surprised.  What a beautiful area.  We ate at this great little restaurant and i had duck confetti! So yummy! =)

Day Sixtytwo!!! A Cuban Restauarant in Paris!!!

I had a wonderful day today. I spent some time in the morning writing.  I felt inspired and was really happy with what i wrote... which is not always the case.  Sometimes i get so frustrated and annoyed that I delete everything.  That did not happen today.  =)  At night HFT and I went to dinner at Cuban restaurant.  It was really yummy. I can not say that the plates or some of the menu items, such as duck, were typical Cuban cuisine but it was good none the less.  The one thing that made it authentic was that platanitos were served with each dish!!


Day Sixtyone!!! Notre Dame and the Crypte Archeologioue!!!

I made it inside Notre Dame today!!!  My sightseeing actually started at Sainte-Chapelle but unfortunately it was closed.  I then attempted to go to the Conciergerie and it was closed as well!!  So I headed towards Notre Dame.  I entered into the Crypte Archeologioue first.  It was built to protect the ruins discovered there during the excavations to build a parking garage in the 60's. It was pretty interesting.  Afterwards, I made my way into the Notre Dame! WOW!  It was beautiful!  I was in there for over an hour!  I light a candle for my family as per my fathers request.  I will definitely be making my way back in there before I leave here.   At night, HFT's mom cooked us dinner.  We enjoyed champagne and chicken fajitas! =)


Day Sixty!!! Shopping at Les Halles and the Cite's Flower Market!!!

This morning HFT and I went to the shops at Les Halles.  I ran out of perfume so I went to Sephora to find a new scent for myself.  Unfortunately, I could not decide so I left there empty handed.  HFT had to go to a few other stores so we spent the rest of the morning there.  In the afternoon I went to the outdoor flower market at Cite which is a market with all kinds of flowers, plants and gardening items.  It was so beautiful!  At night HFT and I went to the gym and then he made us dinner! =)


Day Fiftynine!!! Cleaning the Bathroom and Yummy Food!!!

Today HFT and I spent hours cleaning the bathroom. Yes it was that dirty!  It's all white tile and it was yucky... But now it is super clean!!!!  At night we went to dinner with HFT's mom at a delicious restaurant that we have eaten before at called the Trois Petit Cochon.  We all ordered the duck and it was really good!  =)

Day Fiftyeight!!! A Fight at the Bar outside my Apartment!!!

Wow!  Apparently today there was a big commotion outside of my building.  I'm walking towards my apartment from the metro and there were like 10 cops outside my building a guy with a massively bloody nose.  This is how the story goes... The guy with the bloody nose was super drunk at one in the afternoon having yet another beer with his friend outside of the bar in the building i live in. A girl comes walking  by in front of the bar and the guy gets up and starts flirting with her. Well the flirting turned into harassment and then when she got pissed he smacked her on the head.  The owner from the restaurant across the streets sees the whole thing go down and goes running to help and ends up in a major fight with the drunk guy.  He breaks... actually destroys the guys nose and then the cops came to break it up and that's when I arrive.  The details of what happened were provided to me by the owner of the flower shop next to the bar.


Day Fiftyseven!!! Jardin de Tuileries once again and Shakespeare and Co.!!!

Another lovely day in Paris! So I decided to go to the Jardin de Tuileres again today because the weather was great and it was a perfect opportunity to write. I also did some walking around in the area and I happened upon the Iglesia de Madeleine.  Unfortunately my camera had run out of battery so I will have to make my way back there to take pictures another time.  At night I went to the bookstore Shakespeare and Company.  I spent some time in the reading room enjoying my book.  Afterwards I went to a restaurant near by and I enjoyed some yummy pasta!  I love it here!

Day Fiftysix!!! Beautiful Weather and McDondalds in Paris!!!

What a gorgeous day today! Today I went to the Jardin de Tuileries to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I spent time writing and soaking in the sun.  The jardin was packed with people also taking advantage of the sunny time.  I was really hungry and decided that I was in the mood for McDondalds!  Lol!  Of all things to be craving in Paris...  I choose MickeyD's!  At night I spent some time chatting with family and friends through the Internet.


Day Fiftyfive! Trocadero and the Sparkling Eiffel Tower!

What a lovely day today.  HFT and I went on a very long walk.  In part because I really wanted to eat a raspberry tart so we went on a little bit of a mission trying to find one. We also went walking through Champs Elysees, Le Palais de Tokyo, and Trocadero.  I had not been to Trocadero yet and I once again was amazed by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.  I saw it sparkle and was amazed and felt like a little girl! I love Paris!

Day Fiftyfour!!! A Lazy day doing absolutely nothing!!!!

What an absolutely lazy day and it felt great! I didn't even spend time writing.  I took a two hour nap and spent the entire day in my PJs!  It felt so good but the next day I woke up with major cabin fever!  HFT  made me lunch and also brought me sushi for dinner!  Its good to be lazy every once in a while! =)

Day Fiftythree!!! Hanging around Paris!!!

Today I spent the day walking around Paris.  It was a beautiful day.  A little chilly but sunny.  I didn't really see much or do much.  I just walked around and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Paris.  I love this city.  At night, HFT made me dinner.  It was delicious as always.


Day Fiftytwo!!!! Putting up the Christmas Tree!!!!

It's Christamas time in Paris!  Yes I know it might seem a little bit early to be putting up the Christmas tree and No this was not my crazy idea.  It was actually HFT's idea since we will not be celebrating Christmas day together, he thought it would be a great idea to start celebrating it early! =) So we spent this lovely Monday afternoon getting the tree and ornaments and then decorating it while listening to Christmas music! =)


Day Fiftyone!!! Ikea Shopping on a Sunday!!!

So today HFT, the Miamian and I all went to Ikea.  This was definitely an adventure.  It took us like 45 minutes to get there because we missed the exit and then the next exit was closed.  Once there, It felt like I could have been walking through the Ikea in Sunrise.  It's insane how all Ikeas are all set up exactly the same way and carry exactly the same merchandise.  HFT bought some stuff for the bathroom and so did the Miamian.  We were there for like two hours and then it took us over an hour and a half to get home because of traffic.  Overall, it was a fun experience! Another great adventure in Paris! =)

Day Fifty!!! Enjoying a Pan au Chocolat and Spending time writing!!!

Awee!!! The many joys of living in Paris.... The best Pan au Chocolats in the world!!  This is the Boulanger Patissier I got to almost every day to enjoy this wonderful pastry!!!  It warms my heart! <3 I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the book.  Actually I spent more time editing previous stuff I had written than writing new material.  I made myself pasta for dinner and waited for HFT to arrive.  =)


Day Fortynine!!! The Nespresso Store and Walking the Streets of Paris!!!

So today I had a very relaxing and quiet day.  I decided not to spend time writing because my brain felt a little burnt out.  Instead I chose to just walk the streets. I happened upon the puppeteer pictured above.  I have actually seen him twice now in different locations.  He is very good and entertaining.  During my time spent wandering around I decided to make a stop at the Nespresso store.  Wow what an amazing store.  It is absolutely huge and smells so delicious!  I bought a few boxes of capsules for the machine and then decided to head back home.  I spent the night Skyping with my three sisters and chatting with friends on Facebook. What a lovely day!

Day Fortyeight!!!! Went to my First Parisian Dinner Party!!!!

The weather once again was so ugly today!  It drizzled practically all day.  I was able to do a little writing in the morning.  In the afternoon, I did some more house shopping for HFT at Les Halles.  I went to a really cute store called Habitat and I bought some new pillows for the couch! =) At night I went to my first dinner party in Paris.  It was great.  The Miamian was the host and she also invited some of friends she met through classes she is taking here.  The menu was pasta carbonara made from scratch.  I was so amazing!! We ate and drank so much wine!  Absolutely a fantastic night.. Great food, great wine, great company....And in Paris to top it all off!!! =)


Day Fortyseven!!!! Shopping for a New Duvet and Dinner at the Miamian's Apartment!!!

Today it rained again in the morning but it was not that bad so I ventured out to do some shopping for HFT.  He wanted a new duvet cover and gave me the liberty to choose one that I thought would look nice in his apartment.  How exciting to go shopping!!!!  I went to the Gallarie de Le Fayette.  The house store which is called Maison is beautiful and has four floors!!! I spent like two hours there looking at everything.  I found a beautiful satin duvet with purple and grey stripes that I thought would look perfect..which of course it did!!! At night I went over to the Miamian's apartment which is like half a block from my apartment and had a delicious dinner!  Great times!!

Day Fortysix!!!! It Rained All Day!!! Perfect Day to Spend Writing!!!

Well today it rained all day long.  It wasn't just a little drizzle... It poured hard and nonstop. So i took advantage and spent the entire day in front of my computer writing. I would say it was one of the most successful days I have had so far with writing.  I felt productive. I even cooked myself lunch because it was raining to hard for me to go out for lunch.  And then again I cooked myself dinner!!! Wow, I am awesome! =)


Day Fortyfive!!!! Happy Halloween but no Trick or Treating for Me!!! =(

It is so sad and hard to believe that Halloween is not really a big deal here in Paris.  You see for me... Halloween is my second favorite holiday and is the official kick off to the season... and of course Christmas is my favorite holiday. So today I have no decorations nor a beautiful costume.  I found myself walking the streets of Paris wishing to see some great costumes and scary decorations on the store front windows... instead this is what I found. Pictured above is the extent of the Halloween excitement I'm seeing here. =( Very depressing.