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Day Seventyfour!!! Jardin de Musee Rodin, Hotel de Invalids and Jardin du Luxembourg!!!

 Wow! What a busy day today!  I started off at the Jardin de Musee Rodin.  What a beautiful garden.  The picture above was taken at the garden and you can see the Hotel des Invalids in the background. From there I walked to the Hotel des Invalids. This is a enormous beautiful building.  It houses the tomb on Napoleon.  This whole area is very nice and full of beautiful monuments.  Afterwards, I met HFT at the Jardin du Luxembourg. This garden a few months ago was lush and green with some of the leaves turning to yellow and orange.  Now it is bare and dry but it is still a very nice park.  At night we ate pasta and watched Hangover 2. =)

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