Day Fiftyeight!!! A Fight at the Bar outside my Apartment!!!

Wow!  Apparently today there was a big commotion outside of my building.  I'm walking towards my apartment from the metro and there were like 10 cops outside my building a guy with a massively bloody nose.  This is how the story goes... The guy with the bloody nose was super drunk at one in the afternoon having yet another beer with his friend outside of the bar in the building i live in. A girl comes walking  by in front of the bar and the guy gets up and starts flirting with her. Well the flirting turned into harassment and then when she got pissed he smacked her on the head.  The owner from the restaurant across the streets sees the whole thing go down and goes running to help and ends up in a major fight with the drunk guy.  He breaks... actually destroys the guys nose and then the cops came to break it up and that's when I arrive.  The details of what happened were provided to me by the owner of the flower shop next to the bar.


Anna said...

No more about HFT, is everything alright between you too?
And by the way, what about Jude Law?

LoveMe said...

Lol.. Yes everything with HFT is good. His mom is in town from the south of France so he has been spending time with her. Ii havent heard from Jude Law in a while. =)