Day Sixtyone!!! Notre Dame and the Crypte Archeologioue!!!

I made it inside Notre Dame today!!!  My sightseeing actually started at Sainte-Chapelle but unfortunately it was closed.  I then attempted to go to the Conciergerie and it was closed as well!!  So I headed towards Notre Dame.  I entered into the Crypte Archeologioue first.  It was built to protect the ruins discovered there during the excavations to build a parking garage in the 60's. It was pretty interesting.  Afterwards, I made my way into the Notre Dame! WOW!  It was beautiful!  I was in there for over an hour!  I light a candle for my family as per my fathers request.  I will definitely be making my way back in there before I leave here.   At night, HFT's mom cooked us dinner.  We enjoyed champagne and chicken fajitas! =)

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