Day Fortyseven!!!! Shopping for a New Duvet and Dinner at the Miamian's Apartment!!!

Today it rained again in the morning but it was not that bad so I ventured out to do some shopping for HFT.  He wanted a new duvet cover and gave me the liberty to choose one that I thought would look nice in his apartment.  How exciting to go shopping!!!!  I went to the Gallarie de Le Fayette.  The house store which is called Maison is beautiful and has four floors!!! I spent like two hours there looking at everything.  I found a beautiful satin duvet with purple and grey stripes that I thought would look perfect..which of course it did!!! At night I went over to the Miamian's apartment which is like half a block from my apartment and had a delicious dinner!  Great times!!


Anonymous said...

I "Me",
I fall on your blog, and its quiet interesting! I'm curious about the book you've mention in your posts... What is this book about?
And for how long are you staying in Paris?

LoveMe said...

Hi. Thank you! I will be in Paris for another month and a half. Hopefully I will be returning back to Paris in January. The book is about my story. Its about getting up one day and deciding to change everything in my life that wasn't working. Its about finally finding happiness with myself and the mostly funny but sometimes sad experiences that led up to that point.