Day Sixtynine!!! A Parisian Thanksgiving and the Offiicial Christmas Kickoff!!!

I had a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving here in Paris!  I missed my family immensely but I am very grateful to have such a wonderful boyfriend to have spent the day with.  I bought a beautiful new dress for my Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to buy new shoes but I could not find any that I liked that were within my budget.  We went to L'Arc a very beautiful restaurant. Our table had an amazing view of the Arc de triomph.  I had the most delicious mushroom soup as an appetizer and scallops and shrimp in a coconut cream sauce as the main course.  For dessert i had a chocolate molten cake.  It was like heaven in my mouth!!!  So incredibly amazing!  Afterwards we drove through the Champs Elysees to see the Christmas lights.  This is the first year that they changed the lights to a more modern look.  I personally did not like it to much and neither did HFT.  Afterwards we went to the Galeries LaFayette and Printemps.  The building are decorated with lights and each store front window has a different Christmas animation.  It's so beautiful and magical!! I love Christmas time!!

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