Day Eight!!!!!! A Small French Village and a Wedding!!!!!

I had an incredible day today... An experience that will last a life time.  My day started out simple and sweet and then I was invited to a wedding by my Handsome French teacher... I will from this point forward refer to him as HFT.  It was a very different wedding than one I have ever been to.  It was a Muslim wedding in a small little village in the north of Paris.  This picture was taken in the village of Boissettes on our way to the wedding.  I know the reaction of most to hearing that I went to a Muslim wedding will be shock and maybe a little bothered.. but I learned a lesson today that i feel is important to share.  I met a beautiful Muslim family and was welcomed in their home for a very important celebration... the marriage of their son.  I really had no idea what to expect when I arrived. There were men and woman in traditional Muslim attire and those dressed in what I consider normal wedding attire. When we first arrived we spent time speaking to the groom and his family. Unfortunately when the ceremony commenced it was in french and I could not understand but I had my HFT there to translate.  The message was beautiful... It was one of love, family, peace.. There was no hatred, no anger, no violence.  The Imam, the Spiritual leader, spoke about the unfortunate misconception of the Muslim religion and how the violent actions of many have tainted the perception of the religion.  He was so happy that the wedding was of a mixed crown both Muslim and those of other religions and cultures.  He was happy to give the message of Love and Peace... The real message of the Muslim Religion. At the end of the night the father of the groom walked us out.  He told HFT that he was so happy that I, an American Citizen, was at his son's wedding. He said that he was happy to know that I was able to see what the Muslim religion really represents and that he hoped that I could share it with my family and friends at home.

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