Day Nine!!!! Wakeboarding in La River Seine!!!

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be wakeboarding in Paris in La Seine river!  It was a beautiful sunny warm day so HFT invited me to go wake boarding with his friends.  What a fun experience.  We went to brunch first and I had the most delicious strawberries that I have ever eaten then we drove just outside of the center of Paris to the Pontoon boat that is also a house boat.  On the boat there were a bunch of people just hanging out drinking and eating. Once I picked out a wakeboard and a body suite, we got on the little boat that was docked onto the Pontoon boat. WOW! So different from wakeboarding in Miami Beach.  The water was absolutely freezing. It was about 60 degrees... for me it was so incredibly cold.  I had an amazing time. Memories for a lifetime. After the excitement of wake boarding we were starving so we went to L'entrecote .... A very popular restaurant when we arrived it was very early so we were seated right away but when we were leaving the line to get a table crossed the street!!!!  The night came to an end with the movie the Proposal.  It was really cute.  What a great day! =)

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jandjhome said...

This is amazing. I love it. Keep posting.