Day One!!!! OMG! I'm actually here!!!

Wow! I know that this post is a day behind but I had an action packed day and passed out when I got home!!!

Well, upon arrival to the beautiful city of Paris I took a taxi to my friends apartment.  From there, we went straight to a telephone carrier and got a new cellphone!!!! Yay!  I have a french phone number now! =) After, went to eat lunch...a medium rare steak with frittes or french fries.  We also went to a metro station and registered for a pass so that I can fill it up on a monthly basis and don't have to use the little tickets... Then went to a techno parade and I saw David Guetta on a huge giant float... oh and apparently some famous french politician too.  Met my personal tour guide's best friend.  By the way,  my personal tour guide this weekend looks like Jude Law! =) We walked to Notre Dame upon my father's request. Then meet up with two more of Jude Law's friends and we all went to dinner... They walked me through an American part of town.. LOL... They had an american grocery store with a box of Cheerios and other random American Items on the front window. We ended the night at a scottish pub where everyone spoke English but with different accents from around the world.  We got back to the apartment at 10:30pm... We were out on the streets walking around for 9 hours!!!!!!! I had an amazing first day!


jandjhome said...

How exciting! I love it. You look beautiful.

Joan's Good Life said...

Ahhh, Notre Dame.... this photo brings back fond memories of my own. Enjoy! ;-)