Day Twelve!!!! A Beach town in Northern France!!!

What a wonderful day I had today! I started they day off really really early... at 7am to be exact.  HFT and I took a two our drive to the northern part of France.  We went to two neighboring beach towns Deauville and Trouville.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm.  I ate the most delicious croissant for breakfast then we walked the beach of Trouville then crossed a little bridge into the town of Deauville. We had lunch in Deauville at La Romantica Cafe and then decided to take a nap on the beach but unfortunately the bugs prevented that from happening.  So we moved to the concrete for our nap and we would have looked like two homeless people but fortunately there were three other American girls also trying to sleep on the concrete because of the bugs so we didn't look so crazy. Needless to say the concrete was not very comfortable so we decided to head back to Paris.

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