Day Three!!!! It's real!!!!

So today once again I slept until noon.  I need to get my body back on track...I'm waisting my days sleeping!  Also I'm waisting my days on the computer apartment hunting.... I need to find a place already!!!!  So anyway once i ventured out today, I encountered a few challenges.  First my metro card decided to not  work. Then my cellphone decided to stop working.  This proved to be a major problem given that I was supposed to meet up with Jude Law to give hime some papers that he left at home. The cellphone stopped working on my way to meet him so I had no way to contact him. Thank god i decided to write his number down in my little notebook that I carry with me so I asked a random person if I could use their phone to call him. Once I found him, we ate lunch with his co-worker then we walked around the area.  I went to the French version of the DMV with him then we went to dinner at his sister house.  I got spend time with a typical Parisian family.  His little niece and nephew are adorable and they made me miss my niece and nephew like crazy! Afterwards, i went to a bar with Jude Law.  It was a long and exhausting day!!!

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Profitez-en et nous tenir au courant.