Day Six!!!! I might have an apartment!!!!

So today I went to see two apartments.  Lets say that the first appoint was an absolute disaster and leave at that. The guy was creepy and the apartment had a stench that words alone can not describe.  After this appointment I meet up with my handsome french teacher and spent several  hours looking for apartments online and by phone... this is how I landed my second appointment. This appointment was a success and I have nicknamed the already nicknamed french teacher as Hero.  It looks like this apartment is mine. I will know for sure Monday hopefully. Afterwards we went to the Jardin de Tuileries and sat by the pond and enjoyed the cool breeze and the rantings of a crazy french woman.  It was at this moment that I saw something that brought tears to my eyes... the eiffel tower twinkles!!!!!!! It was breath taking and I felt like a little girl.  So then the Hero and I went for a little walk to get something to eat.  Before finding a restaurant we stopped and bought a Eclair au Chocolat for dessert. With the Eclair in hand we continued to walk and stopped at a cute little restaurant where I tried foie gras for the first time....YUMMY!!! That's all I have to say. So my Hero drove me home in his mini copper and I ate my delicious eclair for desert... once again YUMMY...oh by the way and so was the kiss! ;) <3 


Evy M. Torres said...

I'm loving reading your posts! Sounds like your having a lot of fun.

Ruth Ann said...

I love hearing about your adventures. Please keep posting. Take care.