Day Five!!!!! Still no apartment!!!

Never ending days of apartment hunting... this is my life right now!!! I can not believe how difficult it is to find an apartment here in Paris.  I once again spent several hours responding to dozens of ads.  I was finally able to land an appointment to see an apartment at 7:45pm.  So I decided to venture out earlier in the day to the area of where the apartment is located just to feel it out.  Lets just say I went on another walking adventure... I decided to map quest directions and of course I didn't realize that it gave me driving direction instead of walking directions.  When i got out of the metro it took me on a 20 minute walk around the entire neighborhood in a full circle right back to the street right before the metro station... which is the street the apartment is located. Needless to say I finally found the building and really liked the location...keeping my fingers crossed that i get it! Afterwards I decided to go to the Jardin de Tuileries. I spent over two hours there just sitting on a bench enjoying the cool weather, people watching and just taking it all in. I stopped at a cute little cafe and had a coffee and a delicious sandwich... I have absolutely no idea what was in the sandwich but it was very yummy anyway. I ended up meeting up with Jude Law to go to my appointment.  Thank god he came with me.  There were four other people there at the exact same time to look at the apartment and of course everyone was speaking french.  We all had to stand in line outside the door waiting as each person toured the apartment.  In the end there were only two people left who were interested in the apartment...Me and a young french guy.  We both filled out some paper work and the landlord said he would get back to us with his decision.  I'm reaaaaalllly hoping he picks me... like I said keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen!!!! Afterwards I met up with a friend who I meet in Miami a few weeks ago while he was visiting from Paris.  We had delicious sushi and then we walked along the River Seine and crossed the Pont de Artes.  It was very nice and romantic! ;) <3

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