Day Seven!!!! A French Friday!!!

I have been having some technical difficulties with my computer and it has delayed me from posting and skyping with my family.  This is not good at all!!! =( I miss the babies... oh and of course my sisters and parents. So today i spent some more time resolving my apartment situation. I also spent some time walking, having a cafe and a delicious salmon salad for lunch at once again a random place I stumbled on.  I actually had no idea it was a salmon salad when I ordered and it turned out to be yummy.  In the afternoon I had a wonderful French Friday Date Night planned for me by my Handsome French teacher.  We had thai massages... my fist time...sooo relaxing.  Afterwards we went to this adorable tiny little restaurant where we ate authentic crepes with ham, egg and cheese and apple cider to drink. We proceeded to the movie theater, how exciting a french movie theater! We saw The Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was in english subtitled in French.  It was a great movie and it was to my relief that it was in English.  I thought I was going to sit through an hour and half movie in French not having any clue as to what was being said. TG! =) At the end of the night, we spent some time to work on my french.  I learned to count to 10 and also can almost count completely to 100.  There are a few number in between that I can't remember. It was the best date I have ever been on! ;) <3


Anna@Directions Not Included said...

I'm so happy reading all these. Glad you are having such a good time. Hope you get the apartment you are waiting for!

dara said...

Hi, I saw your blog through your sisters post. I wish you the best in your search of an apartment. Being in Paris was the best time of my life. I went for a semester in college and I really feel like I left part of me there. It was the first and only city I have fallen in love with. If I could go back and live there, I would in a heart beat if I could only convince my hubby. Make sure you go by St.Chapelle. The stained glass is so beautiful; it is breathtaking and might make you cry. Also visit the fabric shops by Montemarte (the best view of Paris), there are also some flea markets around there. Again best of luck and hope I didn't seem too creepy. Oh, and try and get a pic of your HFT, is he the one that looks like Jude Law?

LoveMe said...

Hi Dara! I'm really enjoying Paris a lot. Its beautiful. HFT and Jude Law are two different guys. I'll get a pic of HFT and post... =) =)