Day Fortytwo!!! Arriving in Belgium!!!

Well... this morning we over slept and missed our train to Brussels, Belgium!!!!  We ended up having to take a much later train and we did not arrive in Brussels until 3:45pm!!  It is a short ride only 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once we got there we headed out to the streets.  Brussels is a very beautiful city.  At night we had dinner in a very fun and touristy area.   I ate delicious cheese, garlic and butter mussels! The streets were packed and it seemed as if everyone had already had two or three too many beers by 10pm. =) After dinner we went to a nearby bar that had a DJ and everyone was dancing.  I experienced something that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would experience... in the middle of Brussels, Belgium I was dancing to SALSA!!!! Omg and everyone around me was dancing and loving the salsa music as well.  It was hilarious and awesome.  We didn't stay out to late because I had a headache and we wanted to wake up early the next day.  Fun times in Belgium!!!

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