Day Twentysix!!!!! The Lourve!!!!

Today in the morning I had breakfast with HFT.  We went to a place that served typical French scrambled eggs.  They were a little too watery for my taste but the croissant was delicious of course. Later in the morning I decided to spend some time at the Lourve!  What an incredible place.  I will have to go back again because I was only able to do the Italian and the Egyptian section. The museum is huge and it's almost impossible to see the entire place in one day.  The Egyptian section was great. I stood in the chapel of the tomb of Akhethetep, the Mastaba dating back to 2400 b.c.  I stared at the hieroglyphics in awe.  I couldn't believe that I was in front of something so old.  Words can not describe how I felt.  And oh yes I saw her... The Mona Lisa.  Wow...So beautiful. I pushed myself forward in the crowd and stood directly in front of the painting.  It took my breath away.

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