Day Sixteen!!!!! An outdoor Market and Lunch with a Friend!!!!

Today I met up with my friend who is from France but I met her while she was living in MIami.  We went to an older area of Paris on the Rue Mouffetard. There was an outdoor market where they sold all kinds of things from cheese, to vegetables, flowers and jewelry.  I bought myself some flowers.  One of the many things I love so much about Paris are all the flower shops. Its so beautiful and romantic.  Afterwards, my friend and I walked around.  This is such a quaint and beautiful part of Paris.  There was a woman signing and older Parisian couples danced together on the sidewalk next to the market... So picturesque. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch and just hung out and chatted for like 2 hours.  Afterwards I made my way back home.  I cooked myself dinner and had an early night. =)

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