Day Twentyeight!!! Chateau de Versailles and an American Dinner!!!!!

Today I spent the day at Chateau de Versialles.  It was beautiful.  What an incredible palace.  It's crazy to think that people, the king and queen, actually lived there.  I loved the gardens.  They are amazing and huge.  I actually did not walk all of it because it's so big and it was getting late in the day.  When I made it back home, I was exhausted.  I have been feeling homesick the last few days so HFT took me to eat at an American Diner here in Paris.  I had a cheeseburger and strawberry milkshake.  There was a big American flag on the wall and the place mates had the pictures of all the US presidents.  The waiters spoke to us in English.  I felt like I was home for the 45 minutes we were there but then I walked outside and it was freezing cold and everyone was speaking French... definitely not Miami.

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jandjhome said...

We miss you too!!!!!